Gridview download

Gridview download

STEP 1: Make sure IDL or the IDL Virtual Machine software is installed on your computer

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STEP 2: Download all the following colortable "*.col" files.

Place all downloaded files into a single "gridview" directory.

Download by right clicking with "Save link as" (option or shift + mouse button on a Mac) and make that sure the file extensions do NOT get renamed to ".txt".


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STEP 3: Download at least one Grid:

Currently released grids

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STEP 4: Download one appropriate pre-compiled gridview application file that matches your version of IDL

Make sure it saves as "gridview.sav"

gridview.sav for IDL Virtual Machine version 7.0 (and above)
gridview.sav for IDL Virtual Machine version 6.4
gridview.sav for IDL Virtual Machine version 6.3
gridview.sav for IDL Virtual Machine version 6.2
gridview.sav for IDL Virtual Machine version 6.1
gridview.sav for IDL Virtual Machine version 6.0
gridview.sav for IDL version 5.6
gridview.sav for IDL version 5.5
gridview.sav for IDL version 5.4
gridview.sav for IDL version 5.3

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STEP 5: You are now ready to run gridview


Open the gridview folder and double click "gridview.sav"

Mac OS X

The first thing you need to check is that you have X11 installed. It is not always installed by default in the OS X installation. Look in Applications-Utilities for X11. If X11 is not there, install it from the optional install DVD/CD that came with your system.

Now we need to tell "gridview.sav" to open using the idlvm application:

  • (1) Use "Find" to locate the desired idlvm application (/Applications/ itt/idl71/idlvm)

  • (2) Go to the Gridview folder and single click (highlight) the "gridview.sav" file.

  • (3) Click "File->Get Info" in the menu and expand the "Open with:" tab.

  • (4) If "Recommended Applications" is shown, change it to "All Applications" then use the open with selector to browse to and select the idlvm application identified in step 1. Also, check the "Always Open with" box to retain these settings.

  • Now when you double click "gridview.sav" it will fire up the idlvm application. Click "click to continue" in the idlvm window and Gridview will display.

    Notes on file naming: Sometimes when you download files such as grid files from the web, Macs will place a ".txt" extension on the name. This may cause problems with Gridview since it is expecting to see files with ".grd", "sav" or ".dat" extensions. To remove the ".txt" extension, single click (highlight) the file and select "File->Get Info". Expand the "Name and Extension" section and delete the ".txt" portion of the name.

    Linux / UNIX

    cd to your gridview directory

    type: idl -vm

    select gridview.sav

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