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( Laser Altimeter Processing Facility )

at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics
Geodynamics Branch

The Laser Altimeter Processing Facility (LAPF) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is dedicated to processing and distributing data products acquired by experimental airborne and spaceborne laser altimeters developed within Goddard's Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics. The LAPF has been established to support NASA's Topography and Surface Change Program, Natural Hazards Program, and other Solid Earth Science research activities. The LAPF is developing algorithms and methodologies for processing experimental surface lidar and wide-swath scanning systems. The data products being generated are therefore evolving, yielding topography measurements of increasing accuracy. For all the systems, laser ranging data is combined with knowledge of platform position and attitude in order to yield topographic data referenced to geodetic coordinates. Standard data products from three instruments are being produced under the auspices of the LAPF: the airborne SLICER and RASCAL instruments and the spaceborne series of SLA instruments. An additional airborne laser altimeter system, ATM, is also providing data in support of NASA's Solid Earth Science programs. ATM data is acquired and processed by the Observational Science Branch within Goddard's Laboratory for Hydrospheric Processes.

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SLICER Data Products and Browser

Shuttle Laser Altimeter II

Shuttle Laser Altimeter I

SLA-01 Data Products

SLA-02 Data Products

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