Whats New with Geodynamics?

Whats New with Planetary Geodynamics?

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Comprehensive Modeling of the Geomagnetic Field

Science Highlights

GEODYNAMICS: Annual Reports

Topgraphic relief image of the Cerberus region of Mars
Keck Geology Consortium - Mars 2000 : Undergraduate Sophomore Research Project

Interactive IDL Graphics Tools for Analysis of MOLA Data ( Gridview )

New topical volume available:
Seismogenic and Tsunamigenic Processes in Shallow Subduction Zones

Monitoring Oceanic Islands with Satellite Remote Sensing

Digital Tectonic Activity Map (DTAM)

Navassa Remote Sensing Experiment

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Tographic data perspective view of Surtsey island
Ray-traced perspective views of the topography of Surtsey

Magnetic Field Missions

Satellite for measuring Earth's magnetic field is set for launch

Volcono-Ice Interactions Rootless Volcanic Cones South of the Myrdalsjokull Ice Cap Glacier

New book available ... The Magnetic Field of the Earth's Lithosphere by Robert Langel

TAS-01 Shuttle mission patch
Shuttle Laser Altimeter II

POGO - Earth Magnetic Field Data available on CD

Earth globe showing crustal magnetic anomaly intensity as color
Magnetization of the earth's crust

Crustal Magnetic Anomalies

Rotating globe showing magnetic field contours for the ionoshere
Magnetic Field Models

Small global tectonic activity map
Global Tectonic and Volcanic Activity of the Last One Million Years

Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) mission patchMars Orbiter Laser Altimeter

Pathfinder Results Predicted By GSFC Scientists!!!

Laser Altimeter Processing Facility within the Geodynamics Branch

Planetary Geology and Geophysics

Volcanology Research within the Geodynamics Branch

Volcano Topography and Volcanic Hazards

Physical Volcanology : Theoretical Modeling of Volcanic Processes.

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