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Mike is a geophysicist involved in charting and understanding the multitude of magnetic fields encountered around the planets and their moons. He was educated at the California Institute of Technology (B.S., M.S. ,1976), Princeton University (Ph.D., 1984) and is employed by NASA as the lab chief for the Planetary Magnetospheres Lab.

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Interactive applications Magnetic fields of the Earth Magnetic fields of the Moon Magnetic fields of Mars Magnetic fields of Mercury Mission development Other subjects
Planetary (including terrestrial) magnetic fields Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World, Eos Trans. AGU, 2007, 88(25), 263) Age spot or youthful marking: The origin of Reiner Gamma (Nicholas, Purucker and Sabaka, in review). Preprint and supporting material of article published in GRL, 2007, doi:10.1029/2007GL027794 A spatially continuous magnetization model for Mars (Whaler and Purucker, JGR, 2005) Coestimating models of the large-scale internal, external, and corresponding induced Hermean magnetic fields (Purucker and Sabaka, June 2007, Carnegie Institute of Washington) Magnetic field gradients from the ST-5 constellation: Improving magnetic and thermal models of the lithosphere (Reprint of GRL article, 2007, doi:10.1029/2007GL031739) Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism & Paleomagnetism contributions
Martian magnetic fields The southern edge of cratonic North America: Evidence from new satellite magnetometer observations (GRL, 2001) Lunar South Pole Hydrogen and Water Ice Deposits: Constraints from Lunar Prospector magnetic field observations (Schaler and Purucker, in progress) A new correlative magnetic field map of Mars made using the mapping orbit observations from MGS (Lillis, Purucker, Halekas, Louzada, Stewart-Mukhopadhyay, Manga and Frey,JGR-Planets, in press, 2010, doi:10.1029/2009JE003433) Mercury's internal magnetic field: Constraints on large- and small-scale fields of crustal origin (EPSL, 2008) Geomagnetic Research from Space (EOS, 2009, Feature article, v. 90, #25, 23 Jun 2009, 213-214) Treatise of Geophysics: Crustal magnetism 2013 pdf update (Purucker and Whaler)"
Beta version of Planetary fields page Heat flux anomalies in Antarctica revealed by satellite magnetic data (Science, 2005, Fox Maule, Purucker, Olsen, and Mosegaard) Magnetic signature of the lunar South Pole-Aitken Basin: Character, origin, and age, accepted by JGR, 26 Mar 2012 Exploration Geophysics on Mars: A tale of minerals and water (SEG presentation, 2002) A magnetic perspective on the crust of the Moon and terrestrial planets: Univ Maryland Dept of Geology lecture 17 Oct 2008 Upcoming and proposed magnetic field missions Current research interests
- Mapping and Interpretation of the lithospheric magnetic field, Purucker and Clark, Springer, 2010, IAGA Div. 5 chapter Global spherical harmonic models of the internal magnetic field of the Moon based on sequential and coestimation approaches, Purucker and Nicholas, 2010, JGR-Planets The first altitude-normalized magnetic map of Mars (GRL, 2000) Magnetic 'fossils' from Mercury, and the other terrestrial planets and moons (UJF-Grenoble podcast, 27 Sep 2012) by Purucker Geomagnetism from stratospheric platforms (workshop report) Magnetic annihilators and spherical tesselations (AGU poster, 2004)
- A global model of oceanic remanence (GRL, 2000, Purucker and Dyment) - Exploration Geophysics on Mars: Lessons from magnetics (The Leading Edge, Purucker and Clark) - Lithospheric studies using gradients from close encounters of Orsted, CHAMP, and SAC-C (in progress) Constant-scale, Natural boundary maps (with C S Clark)
- Availability of Magsat and POGOdata - Why are some Martian terranes strongly magnetic and some non-magnetic? (LPSC presentation, 2002) - Swarm mission development studies at ESA World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map (Page size, public)
- Recognizing and interpreting the longest wavelength lithospheric magnetic signals obscured by overlap with the core field (AGU Fall 2004 poster, Purucker and Whaler) - Martian magnetization--preliminary models (The Leading Edge, Whaler and Purucker) - Earth's magnetic field complex: U.S. National activities during the Decade of Geopotential Field Research (ESA Proceedings of 2nd Swarm Int. Science meeting, 2009) Images of the magnetic field
- Crustal heat flux and magnetic crustal thickness updates using latest satellite magnetic field model and Fox Maule et al., 2005 approach) - An exploration of Martian mineral resources using magnetization and gravity field anomalies (Daniel Peterson, National Space Club Intern, 2004) - Stratospheric satellites for Earth Observations, preprint of Bull. Am. Met. Soc. article, August, 2009 Crustal magnetic fields of Terrestrial Planets, preprint of ISSI/SSR article, 2009
- Results from the magnetic mapping payload onboard SAC-C - A Martian paleomagnetic pole estimate made using the distribution and intensity of large scale magnetic features, LPSC XXXVI, Abstract #1720, 2005, Purucker and Whaler - Serpent: Magnetic signatures of serpentinized Mantle and mesoscale oceanic variability along the Alaska/Aleutian Subduction Zone, Earth Venture 1 proposal to NASA, 6 Nov 2009 The hazards of impact from Space, Talk in Bacau, Romania, 17 May 2012
- Magnetic field gradient data from ST-5 - A polar magnetic paleopole associated with Apollinaris Patera, Mars, Planetary and Space Science, 2007, 55, 270-279, Langlais and Purucker - Magsat mission-related articles (JHU APL Technical Digest, 1980, v.1, #3)/ Isidore Zietz obituary: In press for The Leading Edge, March 2013
- The computation of vector magnetic anomalies: a comparison of techniques and errors, 1990, PEPI, 62, 231-245. - Characterizing the magnetic fields of Mars: What do they tell us about the history of Mars? (DLR, Feb, 2005, the 'lost' talk) - Towards a global interpretation of the Earth's lithospheric magnetic field: Basin development, rheology, heat flux, tectonics, subduction, igneous processes, and impact Treatise of Geophysics: Crustal magnetism 2013 Word update (Purucker and Whaler)" -
- Observing, modeling, and interpreting magnetic fields of the solid Earth (Mandea and Purucker, Surveys in Geophysics, v. 26, #4, 415-459, 2005) - - - IceBase: A proposed suborbital survey to map geothermal heat flux under an ice sheet, EGU poster, April 2013 Isidore Zietz talk at GSW, 10 Apr 2013
- Satellite derived Curie isotherm map of the Indian subcontinent (Anand, Rajaram, Singh, and Purucker, DCS-DST News, 2010 - - - IceBase: A proposed suborbital survey to map geothermal heat flux under an ice sheet, TAO manuscript, submitted 31 May 2013,v4.0 Remote sensing of magnetic fields around the Earth, EOS article, 2014
- Modeling of the Earth's magnetic field and its variation with Oersted, CHAMP, and Oersted-2/SAC-C: Current status and future prospects (Workshop report, 2003) - - - - A comparative analysis of the magnetic characteristics of impacts on the terrestrial planets and Earth's Moon (JASR, submitted, 2015)
- Estimating susceptibility and magnetization within the Earth's continental crust. Swarm science team meeting, June 2014 - - - - -

Labeled collage from ESA Earth Explorer Opportunity User Meeting, Frascati, Italy, April 2004 .

Michael Purucker, Roger Haagmans and Carol Raymond (Sept, 2002 at OIST-4 meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark)

Labeled group picture from September, 2003 CHAMP Science Team meeting.

Michael Purucker, Weijia Kuang and Terry Sabaka at ISSI Geomagnetism workshop in Bern, Switzerland, 2009

Resume (English, PDF, 26 May 2015 update)

Curriculum Vitae (French, PDF, 21 Jan 2015 update)

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Michael Purucker
Planetary Geodynamics / Code 698
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA
Phone: 301.614.6473
Author: Dr. Michael Purucker
Responsible NASA Official: Dr. Herbert Frey

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Magnetization of the Earth's crust

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Comprehensive models of the magnetic field of the terrestrial planets and moons

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Imprints of regional metamorphism on space-borne magnetic data

The measurement of magnetic fields from space

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