SLA-02 Ground Track Data

Shuttle Laser Altimeter II
Ground Track Data

The ground track files contain latitude, longitude, and shuttle altitude as a function of seconds from launch (mission elapsed seconds, or MES) for the periods of SLA operations. The ASCII text file and IDL save file are incremented by 10 seconds and 1 second, repectively. The latitude and longitude coordinates give the shuttle nadir ground track, which is not equivalent to the coordinates of the laser ground track. Due to off nadir pointing of the shuttle, the laser ground track can deviate from the nadir ground track by as much as 6 km during nominal operations. Precise geolocation of each laser footprint will be made available through this web site at a later date.

Note: .bin extensions have been added to the files to force a file download rather than browser display.

10 second interval ascii data
download sla10sec.bin 1.25 Mb

1 second interval IDL "save" file
for structure details use:
IDL> restore, 'sla1sec.bin'
IDL> help, /structure, t
download sla1sec.bin 14.2 Mb

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